除尘工程、脉冲除尘器、喷淋塔 15年除尘工程及其配套设备生产施工经验
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东莞市昊天通风设备有限公司前台东莞市益鹏通风设备有限公司是一家专业的除尘工程配套设备研发、生产、销售厂家。公司承接家具、五金、电子、塑胶等行业除尘工程、通风抽气工程、污水处理工程、噪音控制工程、空气净化工程。多年来,公司始终秉承“品质”、“服务”、“创新”的经营理念, 深抓产品与工程质量,不断完善公司服务体系,紧跟行业发展潮流。特别是我司在除尘工程系统设计与施工中勇于创新,大胆突破,建设了一大批行业精品工程,广受客户好评同时也多次受到国家有关部门的嘉奖与鼓励。

益鹏成立于2007年6月8日,公司统一社会信用代码:91441900MA4UPRRG4W,注册地址位于东莞市万江莫屋社区新村工业区五号,公司下设部门有生产部、销售部、售后部、采购部、人事部、财务部,每个部门相互协助、相互监督完成客户从下单到生产检验、送货等各个工作流程。益鹏永远为客户送上的是质量优质、价格实惠的环保产品。“以人为本”的科学管理在我司生产工作中处处体现,“尊重别人就是尊重自己”,“尽量避免错误、尽早发现错误、尽快改正错误”,这些标语是益鹏人做人做事的准则。为打造一流的除尘工程精品案例,我司多次派技术人员、设计人员参加相关行业研讨会, 不断学习新型工程建设技术,不断完善现有工程设计中的不足,为推动除尘行业的发展益鹏将义不容辞担当自己的责任。


Dongguan Yipeng Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of research and development, production and sales of supporting equipment for dust removal projects. The company undertakes furniture, hardware, electronics, plastics and other industries dust removal projects, ventilation and ventilation projects, sewage treatment projects, noise control projects, air purification projects. Over the years, the company has always adhering to the "quality", "service" and "innovation" business philosophy, focusing on product and engineering quality, constantly improving the company's service system, closely following the industry trend of development. Especially in the dust removal engineering system design and construction of our company dare to innovate, bold breakthroughs, the construction of a large number of high-quality projects in the industry, widely praised by customers, but also many times by the relevant departments of the state praise and encouragement.

Yipeng was founded on June 8, 2007, the company unified social credit code: 91441900MA4UPRRG4W, registered address is located in Dongguan Wanjiang Mowu Community New Village Industrial Zone No. 5, the company's subsidiary departments are production department, sales department, after-sales department, procurement department, personnel department, finance department, each department mutual assistance, mutual supervision to complete the customer. From the order to production inspection, delivery and other work processes. Yi Peng always brings quality products and affordable environmental products to our customers. "People-oriented" scientific management in our production work reflects everywhere, "respect others is respect for themselves", "try to avoid mistakes, find mistakes as soon as possible, correct mistakes as soon as possible," these slogans are Yipeng people do things. In order to create a first-class case of dust removal project, our company has sent many technicians and designers to participate in relevant industry seminars, constantly learning new engineering construction technology, constantly improving the shortcomings of existing engineering design, in order to promote the development of dust removal industry Yipeng will be bound to shoulder its responsibility.

Our company produces dust removal equipment, environmental protection air conditioning, cabinet-type low noise centrifugal fan, negative pressure fan, water curtain wet blanket, fuel injection cabinet and other products, all enjoy the manufacturer's free maintenance for one year, lifelong aintenance services, Yipeng believes that good service to existing customers is to have a better tomorrow, Yipeng welcomes the majority of users to negotiate with us. Do business.

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